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When You’re Not A New Yorker aka We’re Moving Again

With summer approaching, it’s time to discuss lease renewals once again. I am writing my post with good news though. We completed our apartment search in one day. We kept things simple this time. Our only criteria was NOT TO LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY. So, with our decision made, we signed a lease for an apartment in […] Read more…

affordable rugs

34 Stylish & Affordable Rugs Under $300

It’s winter here in the Northeast and bare floors are the worst when the weather is 12F outside. The right rug can keep your feet warm AND tie a room together. Unfortunately it can be hard to find affordable rugs that are also good looking and fit with your aesthetic. Many people still shop for […] Read more…


Photo Essay: A Winter Trip To Seattle

This year for our winter vacation we made a not so obvious choice. Everyone thought we would go to Hawaii again but we decided on a trip to Seattle. Was there a particular reason for this choice? Not really. Seattle does have some history for me because I attended high school in the area after […] Read more…

filthy megan d martin

Filthy Series by Megan D. Martin

The Filthy series is one that has dealt with very touchy subjects from the beginning. Drug use and prostitution are just the start of what goes on. I really admire Megan D. Martin for her bravery as an independent author writing content that would raise the eyebrows of most people. There are 6 books in […] Read more…

ikea laundry

Link Love: How To Organize Your Home In The New Year

It’s a new year and January means New Year’s resolutions. If trying to organize your home is one of your resolutions then here’s some help. I know, from living in our current tiny studio apartment, how important it is to organize your home. Trust me, it can get crazy in a hurry if we let things slide […] Read more…

debt by nina g jones

Debt by Nina G Jones

Since this is my first book review ever on the blog let me just preface with a warning. I enjoy reading romance novels. My mom first caught me with a romance novel when I was 12 years old. It was a Harlequin Romance novel and I got into DEEP TROUBLE (Nigerians know what I’m talking about) […] Read more…

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