Leaving NYC

Some News. We’re REALLY REALLY Leaving New York City!

I recently wrote about our apartment search this year and our strong desire to leave NYC behind. I think it is fair to say that not everyone can understand not having a desire to live in NYC.

Just recently the city began running taxi tv ads to encourage New Yorkers to explore the city with the slogan “for everyone else it’s the trip of a lifetime, for you it’s a subway ride”. There is no shortage of excitement and adoration for NYC these days.

Well there is definitely about to be one less corgi in Manhattan as we are leaving. But, if you thought moving across the Hudson was the end of it, think again! Read more…

home office manhattan-3

My Manhattan Apartment Home Office Setup

When we moved into the city, we had to think long and hard about what we would not bring with us because of the size of our apartment. We have managed to fit quite a bit, into our tiny space, including being able to dedicate one corner to a home office setup. Read more…

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